Venture Assets Investment

This division is considered the core for the whole „GENERIX Group“. Its fundamentals date back to 1998, when the present know-how was formed by outsourcing the related services to our clients. Closely desrcibed as the investment in the venture receivables, real properties and other assets, of legaly complex and disputable nature, or assets directly object to legal disputes with limited options of their claims, securing and protection.

Our approach is not a classic factoring-collection combination, our know-how is based on thorough ad hoc analysis of individual business cases. The reputation we gained speaks for itself and is backed by the number of clients we served (see the references) and volume of assets we manage.


Private Equity

This division concentrates on two different kinds of projects. The first part represents the corporate investments such as development projects (both greenfield and brownfield projects) related to restructuralisation of selected companies. The other comprises of investments in corporate and retail receivable portfolios and other objectionable assets. The main share of activities of this division is aimed at finance and health sector.


Real Estate

The fresh new division of „GENERIX Group“ was established in 2007. Despite the fact it operates over such a short period, we gathered professionals and highly skilled managers who create the real estate team and work on the mid-sized as well as the biggest projects in the market with the invested capital ranging between 16,5 mil. - 50 mil. €. The main focus lies on the projects located in the suburban areas of the biggests cities in Slovak and Czech republic.

Moreover it offers counselling services and co-operates on different projects, assuring the funding for the projects and allocating particular real estates to property trusts, whereas the main focus is on administration buildings and above standard residential developments.

Based on the fast growth and success this division made over such a short time, we arranged cooperation with some renowned foreign developers and ivestment groups who appreciate our approach and already prepare the common realization of several projects.


Energetics development

The youngest division, created as a response to the new conception of the energy policies of the Slovak government, promotes and adopts the key values such as the safety of the electric power transmission system, energy resources diversity and protection of the environment.

This division is represented by our subsidiary company ICE CUBE, s.r.o.