The structure of „GENERIX Group“ assumed the present shape in 2006 by the transformation of GENERIX, a.s. , Market Maker Slovakia, s.r.o and BlueCube, a.s. companies but we can trace its origin to the year 1997, when the core management team started its activities within Market Maker Slovakia, s.r.o. company (presently named GENERIX CONSULTING, s.r.o.).

At the beginning the business plan and main activities comprised of financial services within insurance and reinsurance business, financial counselling and venture receivables management and the basics of the present structure were formed. Consequently and logically as a result of good reputation we gained, the big names in the business, including government run companies and institutions in Slovakia and abroad became interested in our services and we started several projects that increased our know-how and helped the credibility of our managment team.


Over the evolution period, the company refocused on its own investment projects that led to financial and structural reorganisation of all „GENERIX Group“ companies to the present holding structure, whereas the new vision and course was set.

1. Projected investment in selected assets with intention to strenghten the market position and secure the long-term growth:

  • Venture assets purchase
GENERIX, a.s. in Slovak republic, GENERIX, s.r.o. in Czech republic
  • Private equity
  • Real estate

2. Ongoing servicing of our present or new clients within the main scopes of our business:

  • insurance and reinsurance management
  • mandate management of receivables
  • public acquisitions with focus on sale of receivables and insurance management.

These services are supplied by GENERIX CONSULTING, s.r.o.

The venture assets purchase activities recorded considerable growth during the recent period, indicated by the total volume of venture assets managed by „GENERIX Group“, both included in own portfolio and managed for clients via outsourcing, amounting to almost approx. 96 mil. €.