GENERIX CONSULTING, s.r.o. as a specialised subcompany within the „GENERIX Group“ offers wide variety of services. Throughout its presence in the market it overcame a number of changes in the subject of its activities as well as in the general configuration of its capital and owners structure. In 2004 it entered an important merger with the broker company Eastmen, spol. s r.o.. The present portfolio of services offered to our clients is a result of long-lasting process of profiling in coherence with the market demand, the core activities are as follows:

Receivable management

We realize receivables management in two ways, and by

  • direct purchase of receivables
  • mandate management

In both cases we offer to a client complete service consisting of the analysis of the state of receivables, assessing the creditworthiness of the debtor, proposal of the optimum solution, legal representation in court and out of court proceedings, as well as direct negotiations with the debtor for purposes of quick settlement of debtor's liabilities. While unblocking the receivables we try not to damage the relationship between original creditor and debtor, we prefer amicable agreements, respecting the debtor's financial possibilities which do not danger his existence, but on the other hand lead to successful recovery of creditor's claims.

The main field of activities of the company GENERIX is the health sector. During our activity in this area we have cooperated with almost all hospitals in Slovakia, by which we have obtained up to date and detailed information about the functioning of this segment. In our portfolio there are several suppliers of medical supplies, devices and equipment, as well as other service providers who have registered claims in tens of thousands against medical facilities. Respecting the current poor financial situation in the health sector, we treat sensitively and individually each single one debtor.

Insurance and Reinsurance Management


The business activity of the insurance company comprises of complex range of services, whereas the main accent is on the optimum proportion of the insurance costs and the extensity of the insurance cover.

The particular activities range from the analysis and revision of the insurance agreements, thorough analysis of the insurable risks, proposal of the „tailormade“ insurance in respect of the clients specific needs, preparation of the insurance agreement proposal and negotiating and closing a final agreement with chosen insurance company. We also assist with the settlement of an insurance average. Company GENERIX CONSULTING, s.r.o. performs its brokerage insurance based on a license granted by the National Bank of Slovakia as an independent financial agent authorized in the insurance and reinsurance sector.


The other part of the insurance business we participate in is the reinsurance market. GENERIX CONSULTING, s.r.o. (Market Maker Slovakia, s.r.o.) runs a thorough monitoring of the market and prepares analysis of the main trends.

The reinsurance, whether the obligatory, facultative or any other, plays a significant role in the insurance cover quality appreciation. In simplicity, the reinsurance means the insurance of insurance. It means the insurance risks are divided in between an insurer and one or more reinsurers.

The reinsurance extends the capacity ot the insurer, guarantees a financial strenght and potential to cover the loses accrued as a result of the averages and gives the insurer more space to manage the costs of insurance benefits.

Our main strenghts are:

  • deep knowledge of the local and foreign insurance market,
  • close and proven cooperation with renowned insurance companies,
  • team of professionals capable of a precise client needs analysis.

Public procurement

One of the other activities which GENERIX CONSULTING, s.r.o. provides for its clients and which results from their requirements, is arranging selection procedures under the law on Public Procurement. This activity has developed so much, that we included it among the main supporting services that we provide our clients. It is based both on experience with selection procedures, and also on a team of experienced and trained staff in the field.

These services and complex service related to them are carried out by company primarily for domestic clients, while services are provided by professionally trained team of specialists.

The quality and reliability of services provided by company GENERIX CONSULTING, s.r.o. is reflected by the reference clients, whom had the company provided services with a high level of quality, as well as systematic approach.